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We provide tree felling and tree care services in tree felling pretoria north, tree felling pretoria west, tree cutting pretoria, tree felling Gauteng, boomsloping pretoria, boomsloping centurion, boomsloping Rustenburg and all over Gauteng. We take our work very seriously, and we are dedicated to superior customer satisfaction in our boomsloping pretoria services. We realize there are a few local tree felling companies in Pretoria you could choose to hire and would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to exceed your expectations and become your primary tree stump removal Pretoria specialist. Tree Felling Pretoria prices are affordable. Tree felling centurion, tree cutting centurion, tree care centurion, boomsloping Gauteng, tree care Pretoria, tree care PTA, tree care services, tree care services Johannesburg

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tree care pretoria

tree care Pretoria

Tree Felling Prices -- There’s no cut-and-dry way to determine the exact cost to remove a tree, so these are meant to serve as guidelines. The complexity of the job and the height of the tree are just two pricing factors. Costs may also vary a lot depending on the condition and location of the tree. The average cost to remove a tree ranges from R1 500 to R15 000. But other tree services may cost extra. For example, the average stump removal cost ranges from R600 to R3 500. Tree felling Centurion prices, Site clearance rates, Tree felling costs South Africa, Tree felling Johannesburg prices, Tree cutting machine price, Tree felling cost.


Tree Stump Removal Price -- Tree stump removal involves grinding the stump down to the roots. Once the roots have been removed, the remaining hole is filled with soil to leave a nice level surface. Read more about tree stump removers in Pretoria East. Pretoria East Stump Removal is expert, professional and friendly tree surgeons providing a range of tree care services across Pretoria East and the Gauteng. We're passionate about tree felling | boom sloping. We care about our work and we're dedicated. We like to think it's why we get so many repeat customers and recommendations! tree care Pretoria, tree care PTA, tree care services, tree care services Johannesburg, Tree felling Centurion prices, Site clearance rates, Tree felling costs South Africa, Tree felling Johannesburg prices, Tree cutting machine price, Tree felling cost.

With only the most experienced Tree Felling Pretoria, Tree Stump Removal Pretoria provides solutions to the Gauteng Pretoria and surrounding region in dealing with all foliage problems. Boomsloping is highly skilled and climbing trees can be dangerous. Our tree surgeons are fully trained and experienced climbers, able to provide expert advice on all aspects of arboriculture. Our climbers, tree surgeons and ground staff are fully insured. Despite best efforts, there are of course occasions when a tree needs to be removed for safety reasons.  It may be due to infection or rot or it may be leaning dangerously near to cables, highways or rail track.

Firewood Centurion --We are proud to provide Firewood from locally felled trees from managed forests -cut, split and packaged by local County residents. Also, we have been in business for 10 years, supplying allied garden products ranging from mulches and manures to composts and potting mixes, mainly to service stations. We can also supply you with firewood, kindling, and the newcomer Rediflame – for a HOT and LONG fire. tree care pretoria, tree care pta, tree care services, tree care services Johannesburg, Tree felling Centurion prices, Site clearance rates, Tree felling costs South Africa, Tree felling Johannesburg prices, Tree cutting machine price, Tree felling cost.

We hope that our product, along with good friends, good food, and good conversation, will become the catalyst for picture perfect moments and happy memories. Firewood is available for braais in summer and a warm fireplace in winter. Our range of timber and charcoal products can be used for firewood, kindling, heating or cooking. By using firewood or charcoal to cook or heat their homes, every South African can reduce this country’s reliance on coal-fired power generation. Charcoal is not made from coal.

  • Split Firewood
  • Packaged Firewood

tree care Pretoria, tree care PTA, tree care services, tree care services Johannesburg, Tree felling Centurion prices, Site clearance rates, Tree felling costs South Africa, Tree felling Johannesburg prices, Tree cutting machine price, Tree felling cost.

Site Clearince Pretoria East

Site Clearance Pretoria East

Site Clearance     site clearance in construction, site clearance definition, site clearance rates, site clearance method statement

How Much Does it Cost to Clear Land or Prepare a Construction Site?

Before a residential or commercial construction project can begin, it's important for the crew to ensure that the land is adequately prepared for the specific type of undertaking. Depending on the state of the land when it's purchased, there are a number of specific tasks that will need to be completed by an experienced and professional work crew before construction can officially begin.


What Does Site Preparation Entail?

In most cases, site preparation begins with a survey of the land and construction blueprints to determine what needs to be done. Usually, this includes clearing existing structures as well as any obstructive rocks and vegetation from the site. Large rocks and roots from plants, such as trees, can hinder construction and lead to problems down the road.

What about cost? Certain factors can influence the cost to prepare land for construction, but most companies charge by the square foot. The average cost ranges between R200 and R350 per square meters, meaning a half-acre of land could cost as much as R55 000 to prep. There are many factors that can ultimately influence the total cost of preparing land for a construction site. The size of the plot can make a big difference when it comes to cost. Many companies will offer landowners a smaller cost per square foot for larger projects. However, regional pricing factors can also come into play here.

Finally, seeking help from site preparation services during non-peak times of year can also drive down costs. For most companies, off-peak times of business include the fall and winter months.

Tree Trimming Pretoria East

Tree Trimming Pretoria East

Tree Felling Johannesburg – Tree Felling Sandton | Tree Felling Fourways

Reduce, Remove, Maintain, Emergencies, Large or Small we climb them all. Insured & Qualified. Searching for a tree surgeon in Johannesburg? Then look no further than tree felling Sandton in johannesburg. Based in Gauteng, we provide a superb service for both commercial and domestic customers throughout the Gauteng area. We also travel further afield across Limpopo and Mpumalanga. We are experienced in all aspects of tree work and we are highly recommended by our customers.
At All Seasons Tree Surgeons we have more than 15 years of experience in the industry and we can provide a range of services including: Crown Reductions and Crown Lifting, Hedge Cutting, Removal of Large or Dangerous Trees, Stump Removal and Stump Grinding. Our tree maintenance, tree surgery, tree felling and ground maintenance services are fully insured for your peace of mind and you will be pleased to hear that we recycle all of our waste into wood chip and fire wood.

Tree Felling in Johannesburg South
We can provide free quotations and our rates are competitive so you can be sure that you will receive excellent value for money from tree felling Fourways. For more information please visit our main website. A link to our main website can be found to the right of this page. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Info about Tree Service

When it comes to landscaping your home with trees there are many things you need to keep in mind before digging the first hole. Although trees bring pleasant shade and make your home more desirable, planting them in the wrong spots can cause a lot of trouble down the road. Sometimes it can amount to thousands of dollars in damage. It is also important to consider carefully what kind of trees you want before buying them.

Certain trees cannot grow in certain types of climates, so be sure to talk to the manager at a local nursery about ones that manage well in your area. Depending on the type of tree you buy, you will have to worry about its light conditions, water consumption, and temperature limitations. Some types of trees are more difficult to grow than others, and will take a great deal of care. Remember which trees will drop large unwanted seeds in your yard, or piles of leaves every fall. Consider how tall you want your trees to grow, as they might prove difficult to remove down the road.

dead tree

dead tree

Plan out your new landscaping on a piece of graph paper before you buy your trees. Make sure that you will be planting them away from underground pipe lines, structures, and power lines. If you plant large trees too close to your home it can create cracks in foundation, letting in plenty of water. Same goes for trees planted near sidewalks, streets, and driveways. On your graph paper give proper dimensions and make sure that your trees will be far away from any hazards.

Purchase your trees from a nursery or greenhouse before you plant them. These trees are already at least a couple feet tall, and most likely to survive. It is extremely difficult to grow a tree straight from a seed, so you are better off purchasing one that has already started to grow, even if it does cost a lot. Make sure you haul the trees properly so they do not become damaged on the trip to your home.

Dig a hole that can hold the tree's roots entirely. Lower the tree inside and prop it into position. Fill the hole back up with dirt and create a mound around the trunk. Push out some of the dirt from the trunk so it forms a crater. This makes channels water towards the new tree so it has an easier time growing. Water the tree as often as needed and watch as it grows.

felling trees

felling trees

The best time to plant trees is in the spring so that they have all summer to settle in. Landscapers like to use mulch and gravel around trees to create a pretty effect. If you tree is out in the middle of your yard you can try surrounding it with stones or bricks and filling it in with mulch or gravel for a grand effect. As trees grow older they may start to lean one way or the other. This is natural, but you can correct it if the tree is young enough. Tie the trunk with a rope to a metal pole grounded a couple of feet away. After a year or two you can remove the rope and pole, and the tree should have corrected itself. Few trees require pruning unless they are fruit trees, but be sure to research your tree on the subject. It may be necessary in future years to cut off parts that have died or have been damaged.

hink about what it feels like after a heavy storm destroyed a group of trees located in the yard next to hers. Imagine how you would feel if a strong storm destroyed some of the precious trees in your garden. In fact, after a storm, there's always a great process of cleaning all the owners face. The problem is that most people will look at the devastation and have no idea which trees can be saved and which trees cannot be saved. 

That is where a tree service experts on the scene. These companies have experienced arborists on staff who can go out and access the situation on his property. One might say that trees can be saved or not. When it comes to trees, they saw everything. 

Their experience means they have vast knowledge to help solve problems in any storm clean stage. Can act as a doctor in an emergency with humans. Some trees require a simple adjustment to survive. Others may need to rethink and supported, while others unfortunately have to be removed. 

pretoria tree safely

pretoria tree safely

You should keep in mind that when it comes to trees in the storms, there are basically six types of storm damage. For example, shock extensions, mother of failures, failures stem, branch failures, twist the crown and lightning problems.It is true that trees are strong, however, even the strongest tree reaching a critical point.

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