Centurion Boom sloping Provide A Professional Guaranteed Free Tips

Centurion Boom sloping Provide A Professional Guaranteed Free Tips

Tree Felling Pretoria

Tree Felling Pretoria

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Before you start chopping down a tree yourself, make sure you read our centurion boom sloping Guide for some pro tips.
Tree Cutting Techniques & Tips
Cutting down a tree can be dangerous, so it is almost always recommended that you hire a properly trained and equipped professional whenever possible like Centurion boom sloping. If you are unable to hire a professional tree service or arborist and need to fell the tree yourself, then these tree cutting techniques may help things go more smoothly. Read More
Read our Trimming & Pruning guides to help you maintain your trees properly.Centurion boom sloping team have everything you need to take care of your trees in the best way possible. Moreover we guarantee the work we do.For years, we have been taking care of our customers, meeting or exceeding their expectations. Many of the clients we have are returning customers who were pleased with the services provided to them.
We work hard to build our reputation and ensure our customers are satisfied with the work we do for them.Hence, we ensure that all of our work is environmentally safe and that it improves the value of the properties we work on and the communities in which we do business.
Tree Cutting & Felling Tips
Centurion boom sloping and its specialist team has been delighting its customers over the years. A considerable proportion of our business comes from returning and referral clients.This is further proof of our exceptional service standards and value-for-money solutions.
Centurion boom sloping was established in 2004 and quickly grew to a well-established enterprise servicing all of Gauteng. We pride ourselves in delivering the best service safely to a variety of business and individual clients, and our services range from heavy duty tree demolition and removal to precise cutting and pruning work.
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Tree Trimming & Pruning: Tips & Techniques:


Tree Felling & Boom sloping Services

[http://www.centuriontreefelling.co.za Tree] Trimming & Pruning: Tips & Techniques In Pretoria. By knowing the basics about tree trimming and tree pruning, you may be able to handle the majority of this kind of work yourself. There are a variety of great trimming tips and pruning techniques that can help keep your trees in excellent shape. With the right knowledge and equipment, you can prune your trees as necessary to maintain their appearance and health and to eliminate potentially dangerous dead branches and other common issues.

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While there are many tree trimming techniques out there, if you want to this yourself you only need to concern yourself with the basics to keep things in order. Alternatively, you can hire a professional and not think twice about it! Read our guide below for more information.

Reasons to Trim or Prune a Tree

Trees are generally trimmed for one of three purposes: aesthetics, safety or health. For example:

Aesthetics – Pruning a tree effectively helps to maintain its shape and appearance. However, you shouldn’t try to impose an unnatural shape or size on a tree. The amount of trimming and pruning that will be needed could seriously damage it.
Safety – Dead or broken branches and limbs can fall off at any time, which is a serious safety hazard. If the branches of a tree obstruct your vision while driving, they should be trimmed away. Finally, tree limbs and branches occasionally grow too close to utility lines. Contact the utility company to handle such issues.
Health – It is sometimes possible to save an infected tree by strategically pruning away affected branches and limbs. Thinning the crown of a tree improves airflow, which can be very beneficial. If branches are crossing or rubbing together, they should be trimmed so that they don’t fall unexpectedly.
General Tree Trimming Tips

It’s almost always best to trim or prune a tree during its dormant season. Although you can technically prune a pine tree at any time, it is still better to do so when it is dormant. The only exception is when a hazard exists.
Be conscientious about the size of the branch that you are going to remove. If it is less than five centimeters in diameter, removing it is fine. If it is between five and 10 centimeters in diameter, you might not want to do it. If it is more than 10 centimeters in diameter, you should only do so if you have a really good reason.
Only trim branches that have weak, V-shaped, narrow angles. Retain branches that have strong, U-shaped angles.
Lateral branches should be between one-half and three-quarters the diameter of the stem at point of attachment. Otherwise, they should be removed.
When pruning is complete, the ratio of living crown to tree height should be two-thirds.
Try to prune away branches when they are young. They are much easier to manage at that point, and the risk of leaving nasty scars is much lower.
Don’t trim a branch too close or too long. You shouldn’t leave a large stub or remove the branch collar.

Tree Stump Removal Cost & Price Guide

Tree Stump Removal Cost & Price Summary
The average cost to remove a tree stump is:

Typical price range = R950.00-R4500 per stump
Average cost = R50-R100 per inch of diameter
Best/cheapest price = R1,200-R2,500
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Tree Felling in Pretoria
Tree Felling in Pretoria

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After chopping down a tree, the work isn’t completely done: There’s still a stump that needs to be removed. In fact, chopping or sawing down a tree is the easy part. Removing the stump is a whole different story.

Stump removal costs will vary depending on a variety of things, most notably whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. By learning about the costs and prices associated with removing a tree stump, you will avoid unpleasant surprises. Learn more about stump removal prices with our cost guide below.

The average cost to remove a tree stump ranges from R950.00-R4500 per stump, depending on various factors like size. The average removal cost breaks down to approximately R50 to per diameter of the stump. If you do it yourself, it may only cost you about R1,200-R2,500.

DIY Stump Removal vs Professional Stump Removal

The first decision you need to make is whether to hire someone to remove your tree stump or to do it yourself. On the face of things, it may not seem like there is a huge difference in price between hiring the pros and renting a stump grinder. However, many small but important factors can influence the net amount that it’s going to cost. For example, time is money and that needs to be kept in mind as well. If you’d like the work to be handled quickly and efficiently, you’ll probably find that professional stump removal is worth every penny.

Professional Stump Removal Prices

Nationally, the average price for professional stump removal is around R2,800.00, and it generally takes about an hour. Professional companies may charge based on different criteria:

By Diameter – If you are charged based on the diameter of the stump that needs to be removed, you can expect to pay around R 50-R 100 per inch of diameter. Most companies charge a minimum of R 1800-00.
By Total Number of Stumps – Many companies offer price breaks to customers who have more than one stump that needs to be removed. For example, you may be charged R1,800 to $2,500 for the first stump and between R 500 and R 1000 for each additional stump.
Factors that May Affect the Cost of a Professional Stump Removal Service

tree stump closeup

Stump Diameter – Larger diameters equal higher prices.
Age of Stump – Older stumps are usually rotted and easier to grind down.
Soil Condition – Rocky soil may damage equipment, so you may be charged more.
Type of Tree Stump – Certain types of tree stumps are tougher to grind than others.
Root System – Stumps with minimal root stumps are cheaper to remove than stumps with extensive root systems.
Cleanup – If you want the ground-up stump to be removed as well, you will pay more.
DIY Tree Stump Removal Prices

The national average for removing a stump yourself is approximately R 1800, but it takes an average of three hours to get the job done. Home improvement stores rent out hydraulic stump grinders in half-day and full-day increments.

The Limitations of Removing a Tree Stump Yourself

Although hydraulic tree stump grinders are available for rent, they are usually only designed to handle very small stumps. Due to the rather high cost of renting such a machine, it’s usually only worth your while if you have several stumps to remove. Furthermore, you will need a trailer hitch in order to get it home, or you will have to pay extra to have it delivered.

As you can see, the cost of removing a stump yourself depends on a variety of factors, such as how much you value your time or how motivated you are to do it yourself. Your total tree stump removal cost will usually be more if you hire the professionals, but the job will be done quickly and efficiently. Unless you just have a small stump to remove, hiring a company to do it for you is probably the most viable option.

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