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Professional Guaranteed Free Tips/Advice on Tree Felling Pretoria

Tree Felling & Boomsloping Services Before you start chopping down a tree yourself, make sure you read our Tree Cutting Guide for some pro tips. Tree Cutting Techniques & Tips Cutting down a tree can be dangerous, so it is almost always recommended that you hire a properly trained and equipped professional whenever possible. If you are unable to hire a professional tree service or arborist and need to fell the tree yourself, then these tree cutting techniques may help […]

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Tree Cutting & Felling Tips | Cutting Down a Tree – Tree Removal

Tree Cutting & Felling Tips | Cutting Down a Tree Before getting down to business, assemble the tools and gear that you’ll need. At the very minimum, you will need the following equipment: Protective Gear – People get injured while felling trees all the time. Reduce the risk by wearing Kevlar leg coverings, a hard hat, steel toe boots, heavy-duty gloves and goggles. First Aid Kit – In case something goes awry, have medical supplies readily available. Chainsaw – Make […]

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